January 29th, 2014

Wanted! Larger Fines For Moving Companies

One of the 26 companies caught in the undercover sting “Operation Mother’s Attic” will be shutting down operations for good, according to the owner.

Alessi Moving Inc. Stockholm, New JerseyAlessi Moving Inc in Stockholm, New Jersey has operated for the last seven years without a state license. According to the state Division of Consumer Affairs Alessi’s state license expired in September 2006 and was never renewed. The company was cited and fined $4,000 in December 2011 and $2,500 in January 2014 for not being licensed. Not very much when you consider the cost of a move and certainly not enough to force the demise of a moving company.

The reason it appears is that the company and owner Chuck Alessandrini still owe about half of a $470,000 judgment for a 2010 lawsuit that stemmed from Alessi Moving losing most of the belongings of Tamara Russian’s family when they moved from Sparta to Florida. The family hired Alessi Moving in September 2009 to keep their household belongings, such as a piano, scrapbooks, furniture, sports equipment, childrens toys, family photos and heirlooms, in storage at the Alessi’s Oakland warehouse until the items could be moved months later to Florida.

Alessi transferred the belongings to Highlands Self Storage in Franklin, New Jersey without telling the family and then defaulted on the payments. Tragically the storage facility auctioned the items in the storage unit, which is normal procedure when the unit is not paid for.

If moving companies without a state license were cited more frequently and the fines were considerably larger maybe the bad movers would go under quicker?

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