November 14th, 2016

Vogt Relocation

Clarence Bruno Vogt born 02-22-1967
Vogt Relocation is one of those moving companies with reviews that contain phrases such as “my sister lost at least $20,000 worth of property” or they “ruined our bedroom furniture and scratched all of our newly finished hardwood floors” but their latest dirty trick is almost unbelievable.

Seynique Smythe paid Clarence “Bruno” Vogt in July to move all her belongings, including her car, from Chicago to Maryland. She has yet to see her belongings but Berwyn police recovered her car.

According to the police report the car was impounded after Clarence Vogt was pulled over driving her vehicle. When she returned to Chicago to collect the car Vogt had put 1,500 miles on the clock and to make matters even worse over the following 3 weeks she received $600 of fines from the Illinois Tollway.

The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) that regulates movers say they have had numerous complaints about the company and that Vogt has 23 citations and owes $10,000 in fines.

Why this criminal has not been jailed is a mystery.

2 comments to Vogt Relocation

  • This is appalling and a terrible black mark on movers.

    I could ALMOST accept the mileage put on the car because of some theoretical catastrophic breakdown with his truck(s) and he maybe wanted to get at least one of her possessions to her in a timely fashion (we’re talking seriously extenuating circumstances here—obviously, the only real way to handle such a situation is to just eat the cost of paying another mover to haul her car for him).

    But hundreds in toll fees as well? No. This guy is a fraud and has probably, unfortunately, long since pawned her other possessions.

    Given the ICC report, at the very least his business license—assuming he had one—should have been revoked ages ago. It’s truly baffling that he’s been getting away with this behavior.

  • tcruz

    I know where this person is he lives in Denver Colorado and is running a company by the name of CVS transport 2 and has cheated all of his employees out of money. he is going by the name of Clarence Moulton

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