March 26th, 2013

Veteran Owned And Operated Moving Company

Gregory Sledge is a United States Army Veteran based in Gainesville, Florida and found himself unemployed with no prospects of a job. He placed ads on craigslist to help people load and unload rental trucks mentioning that he was a Veteran. People responded and he began to get busy so he recruited other unemployed Veterans to help man the jobs. He believes there is enough business for them to become a successful Veteran owned and operated moving company. They need to purchase their first truck and are seeking donations on crowd funding platform Indiegogo. Their target of $10,000 will get get them a used U-haul truck, insurance etc., so please give generously to this worthwhile project.

1 comment to Veteran Owned And Operated Moving Company

  • Andrew

    This guys is a joke and scam artist.
    I own another moving company and he asked for help taking care of a customer because he is not a mover.
    He hire movers take clients money then calls a company to the mover for him scamming the client out of there funds.
    He boasted about having all these trucks that he doesn’t have.

    The guys after getting all these peoples money is now asking for hand outs. What a fraud.
    Do what I did work your ass off and buy one.

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