November 5th, 2013

Uncle Sam’s Moving Company Scam

Johnny and Derita Knox moved from North Carolina to Las Vegas in May using Uncle Sam’s Moving Company of Sanford, North Carolina. That was the last they saw of their belongings except for the few items they took themselves when they made the journey to their new home.

Uncle Sam's Moving Company of Sanford, North Carolina

All of Uncle Sam’s Moving Company phone numbers are out of service except for one, which never gets answered. Johnny and Derita have spent months contacting law enforcement, state agencies in Nevada and North Carolina and the federal government but none have been able to provide any practical help. As a last resort they turned to Channel 8 a local TV Station who applied pressure the Federal and State government agencies to do something to find their belongings. As a result the North Carolina Highway Patrol was sent to find the owner of Uncle Sam’s Moving Company. Once they found him, they also found all of Derita and Johnny’s belongings. The Knox’s say they have hired another moving company to bring their things to Las Vegas and that they should arrive soon. Let’s hope they are all there and arrive undamaged. Uncle Sam’s Moving Company have the lowest possible rating with Better Business Bureau (an F) with 11 complaints in the last 12 months. The message is clear, use this company and you may never see your belongings again.

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