April 5th, 2013

Two Minutes Can Save You A Weeks Wait

Courtney Gill hired a moving company when she moved from Indiana to Rochester to start a new job. She was promised overnight delivery but her belongings did not arrive at the appointed time. When she called the company they said they would be more than a week but News10NBC picked up the story and the goods arrived a few days earlier. This is a very common moving experience but Courtney could have reduced the risk with two simple steps.

Firstly she used a broker who simply sold her business to a moving company, which is why we recommend never using a broker. However if Courtney had looked up the broker on the Better Business Bureau website she would have seen that First Call Movers had received 43 complaints in the last 3 years! Secondly if Courtney had looked up the van line she would have seen that Econo Van Lines had received 5 complaints in the last year. Neither company was accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Two minutes online research is all it takes to reduce the risk!

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