January 20th, 2015

TSC Moving Insolvent

TSC Moving eBay widget screenshotTerry and Sylvia Jones of Gainesville, FL are pastors at the Dove World Outreach Center and owners of TS and Company, LCC a division of which is a moving company, TSC Moving. Terry Jones you may recall was (back in 2010) the infamous burner of Korans and became the number two most wanted on the al-Qaeda hit list. Shortly afterwards Terry a Sylvia Jones were accused of using their church as a cover for an international money laundering operation.

The eBay focused furniture moving company TSC Moving is now accused of collecting money and failing to deliver the furniture as promised.

eBay furniture sellers displayed a widget on their eBay Stores that allowed shoppers to get a quote from TSC Moving to determine how much it would cost them to ship the item from the seller to their location. Now possibly thousands of buyers and sellers have no idea where their goods are or what has happened the money they paid up front to have them shipped.

The TSC Moving website currently displays a message “TS & Company LLC is insolvent and is not able to continue doing business” and gives times and two addresses from which items can be collected. It remains to be seen how many victims of this scam there are and what will happen to the companies owners.

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