May 6th, 2014

Transworld Van Lines Try To Bribe A Client

Aggrieved moving company customers frequently publish their bad experiences on websites such as RipOff report and Yelp, and some consumers will even go so far as to construct a website detailing their woes. Also unscrupulous moving companies are regularly mentioned on Twitter and other social media websites.

Some moving companies get both as in this example for Transworld Van Lines and Dolphin Moving Systems, not only is there a website (partial screenshot below) but also regular denouncements on Twitter. In this particular case Transworld Van Lines not only held the consumers belongings hostage (regular readers will know that this is quite normal for scam moving companies) but they also offered $200 for a positive review. The consumer has the offer recorded (around 2.28 on this video) and it goes to show to what lengths bad moving companies will go to get good reviews.

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