September 5th, 2016

Tituss Burgess Demoted

Tituss Burgess Review Not Recommended By Yelp

Just because you have appeared in Broadway musicals, star in a Netflix original series and have been nominated for two Emmy awards doesn’t mean you can’t write a scathing Yelp review.

Tituss Burgess did just that after Brooklyn based Franks Express Moving failed to turn up on time, and then demanded a positive Yelp review before they would turn up at all.

Tituss Burgess's demoted Yelp review

My name is Tituss Burgess. Im an Emmy Nominated Actor for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt currently streaming on netflix. Thats besides the point.But watch it. These guys are the absolute most UNPROFESSIONAL workers I have EVER DEALT WITH. I called this man this morning. We chatted. He said he could move my couch at 1pm which was the time I requested. 1:30 still no movers. I called back and he says I will give you a discount…I said ok. He says but you have to post a review on yelp. I said when you complete the job i will complete the review. FOR THE FOLLOWING I HAVE THE ENTIRE TEXT EXCHANGE SAVED. He texts saying no review no show. This went on for about 45 minutes. It Completely threw my entire day. I called him about 9 times but he wouldnt pick up but he somehow was capable of texting. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Im going to post this to twitter to my instagram to my facebook. You messed with the wrong Queen.

What’s interesting is that Yelp have subsequently demoted his review to a section labelled “…reviews that are not currently recommended”.

Yelp claim to “…use automated software to recommend the reviews we think will be the most helpful to the Yelp community based primarily on quality, reliability and the reviewer’s activity on Yelp.”

Clearly Tituss’s few choice words did not make the cut. We don’t know why, anybody want to take a guess?

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