June 18th, 2013

Thumbs Down For Allegiant Van Lines

Lisa Sanders recently moved to Newberg, Oregon from Arizona with Allegiant Van Lines from Eugene also from Oregon. She says that the moving company tried to double the cost of the move, delivered her things two weeks late and lost 45 of her boxes (video from KGW.com below). If Lisa had done her research as we strongly recommend she would have found hostile reviews everywhere, like those on Yelp for example. At the time of writing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has recorded 23 complaints against Allegiant Van Lines so far this year. Please learn from the experiences of the unfortunate victims of moving scams like Lisa and do your research.

As you know we strongly advise against using brokers because they are not liable for the value of the goods or any acts, omissions or negligence of the moving company but have simply made a commission by selling your move to the company that bids the most for the job. You should not use brokers for your research either and Lisa’s case is a good example of why not. If you were to look at Allegiant Van Lines website you would see that it is, developed and maintained by the brokers movers.com. On the movers.com website you can see that Allegiant Van Lines is a “Verified Mover” which at first glance may lead consumers to believe that this is some kind of endorsement. So keep off moving company brokers websites when doing your research!

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  • Denise Roberts

    Allegiant Van Lines has been served a cease and desist by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on 7-29-13. I’m trying to prevent anyone else from getting ripped off by this company. I have been working w/ the Fed’s since March 2013 to take this company down and we’re almost there. When I started this campaign back in March, Allegiant had 3 registered complaints w/ the FMCSA, they now have 41 !!! So, if you are in the process of moving w/ Allegiant now you need to contact http://fmcsa.dot.gov right away. Please contact me at denrerob@nullaol.com Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.


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