August 12th, 2013

The Opposite Of Customer Service

Moving customers efficiently and solving any problems that arise in a helpful and friendly way is essential for any moving company that is in business for the long term. Rogue moving companies don’t bother and eventually pay the price. Ashley Kenner and her fiancé moved from Florida to Colorado but the moving company she used did not turn up within the contracted period of 14 to 21 business days. After living in an empty house for a while she called the moving company every day and each day she got a different answer, your stuff will arrive in 15 days or your stuff will arrive in 6 days. Eventually after two whole months she was told, your stuff is still in our warehouse in Florida. That’s when Ashley called in NBC’s Jeff Rossen and the team and she says without their help she and her fiancé would may never have got their stuff back. The clip below shows Jeff Rossen in the offices of First Call Movers asking the whereabouts of the missing possessions. After two other recent posts on the company (here and here) you will not be surprised to learn that First Call Movers is under investigation by the Federal Government.

The video clip is from NBC Today but you can see the complete news item on their website here.

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