June 3rd, 2015

Speedy Movers

Speedy MoversPrecision Movers Group, Lucy Van Lines and Speedy Movers are interchangeable names for the same moving company based in Dallas, TX. The Precision Movers Group, Lucy Van Lines (as an alternate business name) and Speedy Movers are all rated “F” (the lowest possible) by the Better Business Bureau. So it is hardly surprising that a recent customer of Speedy Movers had an experience that according to their Ripoff Report was about as bad as a move can get.

Moving from Texas to Florida the customer eventually took delivery of their belongings 10 days late and in the middle of the night. There was the usual scam, once the goods were in the possession of the movers, of charging double what was quoted and insisting on payment before delivery.

The customer goes on to say that on checking everything that got delivered they found the majority of items damaged in some way. Their list includes (and this is just a partial list!);

  • Leather furniture ruined (image below)
  • Fine china broken
  • Washer dryer damaged
  • Fridge broken
  • Rug shampooer broken
  • Exercise equipment damaged
  • Patio furniture broken
  • Grill broken
  • Every day china broken (image below)
  • Glassware broken
  • Photo frames broken
  • Computer monitor damaged

An insurance claim was filed but as is typical in these situations there is no response.

Yet another sad story which could have been prevented by a little research before selecting a moving company. Please do your research!

Damaged leather furniture

Broken china

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