December 14th, 2013

Serial Scamming

Ryder logoThe U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has revoked the interstate operating authority of Ryder Moving and Storage (DBA Storage and Moving Services) of Pompano Beach, Florida. In addition the FMCSA has fined them over $50K for serious violations of federal safety regulations including; false or deceptive advertising, records maintenance, false or deceptive billing, collection of billing charges, billing records maintenance, retention of bills of lading, medical certificates, records maintenance, operating without USDOT authority, driver qualification files, failure to execute binding estimate and hours-of-service. Josh and Jodi Socher the owners of Ryder Moving and Storage have a history of scamming consumers under a variety of company names and at least one victim has devoted a website to their illegal activities.

9 comments to Serial Scamming

  • Thanks for the link to my blog! I have been digging deeper and have found more information about other scams including the name Socher. There is seems to be a few in the moving business!

    I am pressing the Florida State Attorney, Pam Bondi to go after these guys to prevent them from scamming other people. If anyone has been a victim, I encourage them to head over to my blog and add their stories. Josh Socher, Jodi Socher, Maxx Socher and their gang are continuing to hurt people financially and emotionally. It must stop and they must be help accountable in court!

    Thanks again for the link to Moving Scam Busters! Let’s stop the scam before it starts!

  • steve

    Is Maxx Socher and Josh Socher the same person?

  • Wendy

    I understand that they are brothers.

  • Jacob

    They are brothers, 100%, they are both con artists and they work with Kane Goldman also and Chris Michalski.

  • maxx socher

    Hi, I am Maxx Socher. I am not Josh Socher, that is my brother. I would appreciate not being brought into his company. Josh hasnt been in the moving industry in over 9 months, and rightfully so. Chris MIchalski is someone i worked FOR back in 2009 as a sales person. He is now also in the moving industry and we no longer speak due to personal issues in the past. Kane Goldman is someone who i went to highschool with in New Jersey and I havent seen him since 07. Hope that answers all your questions. Feel free to contact me directly at

  • Maxx,

    Seems to me that you should answer the questions about your own scams I asked on my blog. You may or may not have been in business with your brother. Just because your name was not listed as an agent of the company does not mean you were not involved.

    As for your own scams I am still waiting for an answer about the phony merger you announced, claiming your company was merging with another company, when in fact you were merging two fictitious names used by your primary company.

    You cannot claim to be an “innocent” victim of your brother’s reputation, when you have scamming skeletons in your own closet, such as the phony merger.

    Anyone can go to my blog and click the links I provided about you and your reputation in the moving industry and verify the information for themselves and come to their own conclusions about what kind of business you run and how honest you are.

  • Mark

    Kane Goldman has had many moving companies and a business partner Sebastian Short also involved. Last year it was Northwestern Van Lines but they were booking and charging cards under the name RSS (relocation colution systems). They ran that one into the ground taking mine and many other movers money along the way. Now I see that Kane is operating under a new company, Kane Marketing & Consulting, LLC. These guys need to be stopped!!! How many times can you open a business, take everyones money, and be allowed to just open something new and do it again????

  • Martha

    Kane Goldman is still scamming now under a name called eastern global LLC. He is a complete scam artist and I am sure he is running an illegal business. If your business was legit why would you have to change your name so many times. These animals need to be stopped.

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