April 23rd, 2014

Scammers Caught In The Act

Low rated by the Better Business Bureau brokers Red White and Blue Movers recently sold a move to well known scammers DMI Movers. They in turn used USA Movers Inc who demanded four times the quoted price to deliver, threatening to dump the consumers belongs if not paid. Unfortunately for them the consumer was an attorney and when the truck arrived it was surrounded by officers who issued three citations. They were for having an illegal truck, employing illegal workers and using an illegal contract. Now the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has revoked the license of USA Movers and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCA) is now showing DMI Movers as not authorized to operate. Although this gives the consumer some satisfaction there are still 17 boxes of belongings missing and no sign of them being returned to their owner.

Caught by the Police

5 comments to Scammers Caught In The Act

  • Maggi T

    Nice work Teresa! Perhaps the missing boxes will either show up or be paid for. There are so many scams out there nowadays. This greed must stop. At least one of them is put out of business, thanks to you!

  • Judy

    Hello I am in a situation as e speak i Have hired red white and blue to do A move for My Daughter and her husband who he happens to b going over to South Korea
    HE IS IN THE air force they contracted to a company J AND p INC 4250 Wrangler trail Sumter Sc They are holding out stuff hostage they want me to deposit money in to any account not take a cashiers check nor credit card I also have a binding contract they are breaking also they forged the weight per I contacted the Cat scale company in Iowa who sent me the original tickets please help me to get my stuff back not only did my daughter loss her husband for a year her belongings as well
    Thank YOU

  • Wendy

    Sorry Judy but there is nothing we can do and we would if we could. We are a consumer group with limited resources and concentrate on helping people to avoid scamming moving companies and steer clear of the kind of situation you describe. The best thing would be for your son-in-law to handle the situation, possibly through USAF resources.

  • Teresa

    Hello Judy,

    So sorry to hear about your situation. Yes, there are things you can do. Contact moverescue.org, file a complaint and call the FMCSA in Washington DC. They will lead you to local law enforcement agents i.e. Dept of Transportation Weights and Measures, etc. State with moverescue. They heard it all and know just what to do and who to contact. Good Luck, Teresa

  • Amanda

    Hi, I am currently trying to get some money back from DMI that they owe me- the only problem is I need to know what bank they use in order to enforce the court order. I know a lot of people got bad checks from them and such. It would really help us if someone can tell me the name of their bank. I know it is a long shot but I thought posting here might help us get some sort of justice and encourage others who have been ripped off to do the same.

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