February 9th, 2014

Ryder Moving and Storage Scam Ends

Detective Robert Rutkowski from the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Florida is hoping to return a number of personal belongings to their rightful owners. The items were found in Pompano Beach in the abandoned offices and warehouse of scam moving company Ryder Moving and Storage. Terri and Terrance Thomas belongings vanished after they had paid Ryder Moving and Storage $4,500 to move them from Zephyrhills, Florida to Everett, Washington. Rutkowski found the lost consignment in the abandoned premises and was able to reunite the family with all the items they thought had gone for ever. Other victims may not be so lucky as many unlabelled items remain and the detective is still trying to get those to the right owners.

Ryder Moving and Storage scams have featured before in Moving Company News but it now appears the company has gone for ever. The owners and ex-employees have not disappeared though and such is the lack of regulation in the moving industry that we can expect them to start another racket all over again. The names to watch out for are the owners Josh and Jodi Socher, the COO Joey Pino and ex-employees Aron Miller and Kari Harp.

NBC 6 South Florida has a clip (below) of Josh Socher claiming he is getting out of the moving business into real estate. You have been warned.

8 comments to Ryder Moving and Storage Scam Ends

  • Vicky

    This company is now Bayflower Moving and Storage. They are writing fake “positive reviews” all over but are the same scam as Ryder Moving and Storage. Socher’s name is out but now his partner in crime is showing as the managing principle, Alexei Dorokhov. Please shut these companies down and put these people in jail!!!

  • Wendy

    On March 12, 2014, Office of the Attorney General filed a lawsuit in the 17th Circuit in and for Broward County Florida against Jose Pinot, Jodi Socher, Joshua Socher and Storage & Moving Services Inc Doing Business As Ryder Moving and Storage (Broward County Case Number: CACE14004704).

  • J

    Hey Vikky. I was scammed badly earlier this year by Bayflower Moving and storage.

    ***I’m trying to find others that have had the same thing happen so that we can create a class action lawsuit.

    My aim is not just to shut them down, but hit them so badly in the wallet that they can’t start a new company and continue to do this. Otherwise they just change their name and do it all over again. It would seem the Broward Sheriff’s office is pretty effective at shutting down their scam – but I’d think they need our help to let them know as these scams arise.

    ***Would you, or anyone else reading this be interested in a class action lawsuit?

    • Julie

      I will be happy to join you in a class action lawsuit. I have been dealing with them for the past week and still can’t get my items. Let me know what I need to do, I am on board.

  • XYZ

    You should just call the company or the DOT and file a formal complaint like I have. I am going to also write a ripoff report on them. They screwed my niece for over $12000 and stole and damaged items! Bayflower Moving Group owners should be in JAIL

  • Yehudah

    Happy to join too! I have lots of useful info such as pictures proving they overcharged sq footage (about 500 ft), pictures of a moving truck that nobody can claim ownership of, etc. I also have damaged items.

  • Evan

    Has anyone had any luck? I go to court on 11/3 against Josh Socher.

  • Evan, youre confused man, josh is now working wiht his new company Long Distance Van Lines. be careful man, these guys are scammers big time and keep switching their name. it wont stop.

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