June 13th, 2014

Powell Express Fined But Was It Enough?

Moving Company Powell Express of Sunnyvale California

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) announced yesterday that moving company Powell Express, based in Sunnyvale, has been fined for a number of violations.

Look through the violations below and take a guess at the amount of the fine.

The violations were as follows:

  • Operated as a household goods carrier without CPUC authority
  • Failed to report gross revenue for 2nd and 3rd Quarter 2013
  • Failed to procure and maintain cargo insurance
  • Failed to procure and maintain Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance
  • Failed to procure and maintain workers’ compensation insurance
  • Advertised as a household goods carrier without a valid permit
  • Various MAX 4* violations

*The California Public Utilities Commission Maximum Rate Tariff 4 (MAX 4) determines the maximum rates that carriers must observe and the rules and regulations governing intrastate moves.

What do you think, a very large fine to deter rogue moving companies in future?

Unfortunately not, just $2,500 which is probably less than it cost the CPUC to assemble the evidence and collect the fine.


7 comments to Powell Express Fined But Was It Enough?

  • Roger Powell

    I am the owner of Powell Express and I could sue you for the false statements made here. We have fully complied with the P.U.C. and are fully licensed for almost a year. At great expense to me and therefor my customers I have jumped through every hoop necessary. You need to check you facts or be sued for liable and slander as a few things you state are entirely untrue. By the way, we are currently one of the very best moving companies in the south bay. So take you hatred elsewhere.

  • Wendy

    “…the false statements…”

    “…a few things you state are entirely untrue.”

    Which statements are untrue?

  • Roger Powell

    All revenue was reported.

    We have always had cargo insurance and liability insurance.

    We have never falsely advertised as a moving company.

  • Wendy

    So what your saying is this CPUC Press Release is wrong?

    CPUC Press Release

  • Wendy

    We have emailed the CPUC (copy below) and subject to their response will make any necessary amendments to the above post.

    Email to CPUC:


    We reported on this press release on June 13th, 2014 here http://bit.ly/CPUC061214

    Subsequently we were contacted by Roger Powell who claims that the Press Release is inaccurate. More specifically that “All revenue was reported”, “We have always had cargo insurance and liability insurance” and “We have never falsely advertised as a moving company”.

    Naturally we are happy to remove these elements from our reporting should that prove to be the case.

    Please can you confirm the accuracy or otherwise of the press release as soon as possible so we can take the appropriate action.

    Thank you.

  • Wendy

    We have received a reply from the CPUC.

    Quote: I checked with our team and the information in the press release is accurate. The carrier did not appeal our Citation and is currently making fine payments.

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