June 19th, 2013

Police Raid Mr Move

On their website Mr Move of Metairie, New Orleans offers a quality, stress-free move at a fair and reasonable price.

However on Monday Mandeville police conducted a search and seizure operation at the Mr Move office, taking away computers and files as part of an investigation into possible extortion. The trigger was a complaint from Megan Bagley who claims that the company quoted $750 and then wanted to charge $2,000 before unloading. She says that when she refused they locked up the truck and said you either pay this amount or you’re not going to see your stuff again.

It’s good that Megan has got her possessions back but she and you can avoid this kind of problem with some simple research. The Better Business Bureau has had 53 complaints against Mr Move and gives them one of the lowest ratings possible, a D-minus. Also Yelp has negative reviews for Mr Move, the first of which states that they are the worst moving company ever. We can’t say it to often – do your research before choosing your moving company!

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