April 29th, 2013

Overturned Moving Truck

A few days a go a loaded 30-foot moving truck owned by the “Two Men and a Truck” moving company overturned and slammed on its side, blocking the on-ramp to I-95 southbound at State Road 100 in Palm Coast, Florida. In the first attempt to right the moving truck the bottom side of the truck gave way under the weight of the furniture inside. A forklift was brought in and together with additional equipment the truck was finally back on all its wheels. No one was badly hurt but you can bet that some poor persons furniture and other possessions looked like they had been in a blender. I hope they had damage insurance because movers typically will reimburse you only for damaged or missing property based on the weight of the item. This is often 60 cents a pound or less so make sure you get coverage for the full replacement value of your items.

Overturned moving truck loaded with furniture

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