April 1st, 2014

Overnight Stops Are A Big Risk

Three days ago, moving from Florida to San Antonio Sheree Bradley and her family of five spent the night in a local hotel planning to move into their new home the next day. They left their U-Haul truck containing all the family’s possessions parked in the hotel lot overnight and in the morning it was gone. Bedroom sets, bunk beds, living room furniture, dining set, TVs, the kids bicycles, Xbox in fact everything the family owned except for the clothes they were wearing was stolen.

Leaving everything you own in an unsecured truck overnight is like giving thieves a birthday gift and sadly we see this kind of criminal activity on a regular basis, for example see this post from four months ago.

Fortunately the Bradley’s got most (but not all) of their stuff back the next day when the Police found the stolen truck in a local grocery store’s parking lot.

If you have to leave your belongings in a truck overnight then either sleep in the cab, immobilize the truck with a good quality wheel boot or have someone show you how to disconnect a wire or remove a fuse from under the hood.

This is where the Bradley's parked their truck

This is where the Bradley’s parked their truck

This is where the Bradley's truck was found

This is where the Bradley’s truck was found

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