June 26th, 2013

North American Masterline Scam

Michael and Mary Ann MacInerney were moving from Maryland to Ohio and looking for a suitable moving company. Michael did a simple search on the internet and got a phone quote for just over $2,600 from North American Masterline. The couple thought this was reasonable and booked the move.

Unfortunately this is not the right way to go about selecting a moving company and you can learn from the MacInerney’s unfortunate experience by following the extensive advice available on this website.

North American Masterline's scam the MacInerney's

When North American Masterline arrived at their home the original quote increased to just over $7,000, the company said the reason was 238 extra items. It turns out that the extra items are as a result of counting a dresser as 7 items, one dresser and 6 draws. Similarly beds have been counted as their component parts headboard, footboard, mattress etc.

The result so far is that the MacInerney’s are down $3,800, are currently living in their new home without their possessions and North American Masterline says they won’t deliver the furniture until they receive full payment.

As Michael has said “I was scammed. I know I was scammed and I know I’m still being scammed”.

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  • Yvonne M. Allender

    I hired these people to move me from Maryland to Hanover, Pa. 7/29/13 They were to call me a day ahead so far I haven’t received a call and I have made 3 calls in 2 days and left messages and no reply. I’m worried they have my eletronic signature.

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