August 6th, 2014

Never Use A Moving Company Broker

Ash Moving CorporationThe great Moving Broker scam continues unabated but the scenario remains the same. The consumer goes online to shop for moving services and locates a moving broker who present themselves like they were an actual moving company. The consumer is convinced by the sales talk and pays a deposit (which is actually a fee). The moving broker pockets the money and turns over the consumer’s move to a household goods carrier. The carrier turns up and during or after the loading of the goods asks the consumer to sign new paperwork, claiming that the broker’s estimate was too low. The consumer either pays the new fees or their goods are taken hostage until they do. Any complaints to the moving broker are dismissed and they claim that they were not responsible for the actual move.

And so it was with Ted and Cindy Tripp moving from Amarillo to Washington in June. They paid a $3,000 ‘deposit’ to Ash Moving Corporation and on moving day, to there surprise, a company called J and P Moving arrived in a Budget rental truck. J and P Moving asked for $4000 which the Tripp’s refused to pay because they believed their contract was with Ash Moving Corporation not J and P Moving. Their goods (estimated value $100K) were taken away and they have not seen them since or even know where they are.

Ash Moving Corporation deny any responsibility while J and P Moving recently had their license revoked by the Department of Transportation and have vanished.

We can’t say it often enough – never use a Moving Broker.

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