June 27th, 2013

Neighbors Moving & Storage

Looking at the website logo below you would be forgiven for thinking that Neighbors Moving & Storage were a moving company.

Neighbors Moving & Storage logo

Neighbors Moving & Storage are in fact a broker and happen to be the company that Joanna and Bryan Rammell and their four children used to book their move from Maine to Arizona. As a broker the company simply sold the move on to another company, in this case Moving Express & Storage. It’s a long story but last week the Rammell’s possessions were held hostage and they enlisted the help of ABC’s “The Lookout” to get them back. Fortunately the items have now been recovered and a truck driver has been arrested in the process.

The purpose of this post is not to relate the Rammell’s full story (which would be all to familiar to regular readers of MCG news) but to highlight the subsequent protestations of Neighbors Moving & Storage. After airing “The Lookout” ABC received an email from Neighbors Moving & Storage Office Manager Kathryn Bradbury, here is the penultimate paragraph:

“Our service as a moving broker is to coordinate and arrange for the interstate transportation of a consumer’s household goods by a licensed FMCSA authorized motor carrier. The broker does not take possession of the items or move them. Our role as the broker is to take the inventory from the consumer by phone and using an industry accepted shipping chart, converts the items to weight/cubic feet to create a cost estimate based on the weight/cubic feet and distance of the move”.

In other words once you have given us the deposit we don’t give a damn and we are not responsible for anything that happens afterwards.

If you would like to read the whole story it’s here, here and here but remember never use a broker to arrange your move.

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