December 18th, 2013

Mr Move Owner Sentenced

Mr Move logoWe have previously reported on the Mandeville police search and seizure operation at the Mr Move office and the subsequent arrest of the owner and staff on the charge of extortion.

We can now report that the owner of Mr Move, Dunwoodie A. McDuffie III and employee William F. Jeffery Jr. pleaded guilty to extortion and unauthorized use of a moveable and have been sentenced . A State Judge has given them each a five year suspended prison sentence, five years probation, a fine of $500 and an order to pay restitution.

It is good news that the district attorney and the court treated this as a criminal rather than a civil matter and let’s hope we see more of this approach in future.

Two of the comments from McDuffie’s attorney, Claude Kelly are worth recording.

“If you stacked up every complaint out of the tens of thousands of moves he’s made, it’s a minute percentage”.

It would be interesting to know the details of how Mr Kelly calculated that Mr Move had completed “tens of thousands of moves” with a “minute percentage” of complaints given that the data available on the web would seem to indicate the opposite.

“You only survive in that business if you do good, reputable work and he has survived for decades in that business, and thrived.”

This of course is not exactly true. Regular readers will know that it is possible to survive and thrive as a mover (even one with a very bad reputation) simply by ripping off consumers on a regular basis. Take a look at our Movers Hall Of Shame Mr Kelly.

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