March 18th, 2014

Moving Without A Trailer

Moving without a trailer

Imagine you are waiting at your new home for the movers to deliver your possessions. The movers arrive but your items are not in the trailer, in fact there is no trailer. Your possessions are just strapped on the back of the tractor (image above).

Moving from Chicago to New Tazwell, Tennessee this unfortunate consumer used Alliance Moving Services brokers who passed the job onto Unique Van Lines of Miami, Florida. At Moving Company Guide we always advise readers to avoid moving company brokers. They are simply sales teams that sell your move to the highest bidding moving company, in this case Unique Van Lines of Miami with their insane method of transporting other peoples personal possessions.

You will not be surprised to hear that this consumer was delivered; a book case with deep gouges, a broken pole lamp, a crushed Tiffany shade, a glass and mirror curio cabinet that was was smashed to pieces, a TV with a scratched screen, a broken DVD VCR player, broken dishes, damaged wardrobe boxes and other items in need of repair. Not only that but several items were missing including half a metal filing cabinet and a desk that contained personal files.

Never use a moving broker and do your research.

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