August 1st, 2013

Moving Network USA

We recommend that you never use a moving company broker

Sean Marquez of Arizona’s Department of Weights and Measures said last week that the number of moving scams have gone up dramatically in the past two months because people are hiring a random moving company they see over the internet. He went on to say that some consumers don’t realize that they are actually hiring a broker who will turn the job over to someone else and regardless of whatever you agree to, whatever you signed, when these new guys get hold of your stuff, all bets are off.

Moving Network USA logoHe was talking just after Tammy Golden moved from upstate New York to Florence, AZ having used Moving Network USA a moving company broker based in Florida. Tammy says that Moving Network USA tried to rip her off and that after she signed a contract and the movers had loaded everything up on their big rig, she was told to pay an additional $3,000 because the truck was overweight. Tammy contacted Arizona’s Department of Weights and Measures who confronted the moving truck driver when he pulled up to Tammy’s new home in Florence. The driver was arrested an the company cited for extortion.

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