September 17th, 2014

Moving Forward Inc. Scam

With more red flags than a Russian military parade and a website that looks as if it was designed by a Grade 3 class, Moving Forward Inc of Ft Lauderdale, FL and Norcross, GA looks like an open invitation to an unpleasant experience (screenshot below). And so it proved for one consumer moving from Fort Mill, South Carolina to Colorado Springs.

They hired Moving Forward for a fixed price of $3,100 and an estimated delivery time of 3-9 days. There were two loads to pick up and after loading the first the price was increased by $1,000. By the time the second load was in the truck the price had nearly doubled to $5,900.

When the goods failed to arrive on time they contacted the company and were told that their possessions were stored in a warehouse and were waiting for an available truck. They were also told to have $3,200 in cash ready to give to the delivery driver. When their possessions eventually turned up the driver demanded the money before he would open the truck.

Understandably they wanted to look in the truck before paying but the driver was adamant that the money must be handed over first. The police were called but said it was a civil matter and that they could not intervene. The driver eventually drove away with the goods still on board saying it would cost them twice as much to get their things back now.

Eventually they had to hire a U-Haul truck, pay the money and collect their things. To top it all there were broken and damaged items, missing items and even other peoples belongings.

This is a company that (moving brokers) list as a “Featured Mover” which means quote: “This business / listing info. has passed through all our checks and has been proven for its reputed services”.

Please make sure you do your research before you hire a moving company and never use a moving broker.

Pathetic home page of Moving Forward Inc

12 comments to Moving Forward Inc. Scam

  • Moving Forward Admin

    After looking into your review online, moving forward went ahead and look deeper into the matter. According to your complaint, your son was given a blank contract to sign, However, Moving forward ensures that all there customers read and sign at least five contracts at pick- up. Moving Forward applies prices for additional services just like your regular moving company, and your job had way more items than what you gave over the phone,has you wanted us to move items from two locations.

    Moving Forward has a window of 21 business days for delivery as printed in our terms and conditions, we willfully complied with all your needs and your items were delivered within 9- 13 days to the west coast. In addition, our rates stated the same even when your volume increased, we stated in our terms and condition that all customers should not leave any personal items such as iPad, jewelry etc. Moving Forward is obligated to the contract , as is our customers, our method of payment includes credit card upon booking, cash or money order at delivery. Moving Forward revised your estimate prior to work and you were given the option to accept or decline our services, in accepting our services, you gave us the go ahead to move your items. Moving Forward understand your concern, and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to look into ourselves and to correct where we went wrong and also to put measures in place to ensure that all our customers are satisfied

  • Karen Norman

    Moving Forward, First of all I was not given a contract EVER and when I asked for a receipt for the $1900 cash, I was told to take a picture of the contract, which I did. My neighbor was there and we both were astounded by the fact they would not give me a receipt or a copy of the contract. I was told that the contract would be given to my son on the second pick up but when he refused to sign for the price increase, they refused to give him a contract. In addition my goods weren’t delivered until the 15th day, another lie you said above, and how can our things be delivered 9-13 days, were there multiple deliveries on day 9, 10, 11, 12 AND 13? I was told by Shawn that our things would be delivered within 3-9 days. I also have an email that I was agreeing to the verbal terms that Shawn gave me that our price would not go up. No reasonable care was given to our things and I am missing about a fourth of my things. Not only that but our things were infested with roaches which still remains a problem today in our new home. We gave you a total of $6013 and we had to help load and did all of the unloading, two times, once to the uhaul, and again to our home. I have been hung up on, talked to rudely, shouted at, laughed at and it has been a nightmare. My things were treated like trash and what I did get is marred, broken, scratched, or bent. You are nothing but scam artist and the place where you stored our things was infested with rats and roaches. The toe of one of my shoes were chewed up by vermin. This is a weak attempt to make it sound like you provided us with professional service which a JOKE. Even when I asked about a claim about our missing and broken things, and told you I had other peoples items, I was never replied to for instructions on filing a claim. It’s just ridiculous. Here is our last communications.

    ——— Original Message ———
    Subject: need info
    From: par…
    Date: 8/27/14 9:26 pm
    To: rom…

    Hi, I have called several times and left a message but no one has returned my calls.

    We are missing lots of things, LOTS. Three of my cabinets to my set are missing and broken. Some things missing are my son’s TV, the divider for my cage, an end table, my paint brushes, various boxes, and lots of my jewelry. Actually too much to name here but I would like to find out if our things have turned up somewhere else. In addition, we have some things that are not ours. Also, our stuff was roach infested. Please let me know how we go about making a claim?

    Thank you,
    Karen Norman

    —–Original Message—–
    From: romeo
    To: par…
    Sent: Sun, Aug 24, 2014 2:54 pm
    Subject: [Auto-Reply] Your mail

    We got your email, thank you for emailing MOVING FORWARD INC

    Thu, Aug 28, 2014 9:10 am
    RE: need info
    From romeo rom…
    To par…

    Am Sorry And concerned
    Moving Forward apologized Due to your lost. I Will investigate, This issue .were not liable for any personal items such Cash , jewerly And pesonal stuff , please forgive us as we work on your job claims. We strive for best customers service and on field service. and we will resolve our issue…
    Thank you

    Moving FOrward
    ADmin Dept

    —–Original Message—–
    From: toby
    To: par…
    Sent: Thu, Aug 28, 2014 12:24 pm
    Subject: RE: FWD: need info

    please send all claims to

    Fri, Aug 29, 2014 11:13 pm
    Re: need info
    From par…
    To toby tob…

    Is there a form to fill out? Have you found our missing things? Please send claim form or instructions on how to file the claim.

    Thank you,
    Karen Norman

    I never heard back… today is 9/20/14

  • Karen Norman

    I have requested a copy of my contract and no one will respond. What is the reason you do not want me to have a copy of the contract?

  • Ms.Norman,
    On behalf of Moving Forward we have been trying to contact you for the past 3 weeks regarding your move. We’ve tried emailing you at and by telephone at (704)493-6315 (which has been changed or disconnected). Through numerous review sites we’ve acknowledged your issues with Moving Forward. If you would us to handle these issues professionally, Please contact us at (954)840-8955 or through email at We do have a claims department and a customer service department as well. This company has been very legitimate and reliable for the past
    couple of years. If ever a customer is not satisfied we try our hardest to resolve every issue accordingly. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance. (Please note: we do not resolve customer complaints via review sites.)
    Thank you,
    Moving Forward Management

  • Teresa

    OMG!!! This is so true!!! I am going through this same exact nightmare right now! Same story except I don’t have but 3 damaged pieces out of a 24000 sq ft house full of stuff. They are suppose to deliver the rest tomorrow because they showed up at 10pm and pissed my new neighbors off after waking them up. We have been without clothes and all our belongings for 6 days now. I’m so angry!!! Worst company EVER!!!!

  • Julia Daniels

    OMG!!! They are here packing a rented truck and now I am afraid my belongings will go on hiatus for just a 150 mile move. Oh, don’t rely on a local boy or smaller service for moving and don’t believe anything that says they are a fantastic company. I will come back on here if my belongings do not show up at my new home at 7 am tomorrow morning (Friday, March 27, 2015)

  • Julia Daniels

    Well, Friday morning has come and they have not even arrived at my new home as promised. I made several calls to the driver, dispatcher, sales rep., and whoever I could get to speak to and one person called “Nathan” said he would call me back within 10 minutes which is over 60 minutes ago. Looks like my lawyer needs to take care of this.

  • Julia Daniels

    They are still hemming and hauling the bunch of lies they throw at you. Chris Simmons has not told me the truth yet. It is Sunday and I still do not have any of my household items. I want it now!

  • T French

    Your statement is absolutely correct in reference to this company, which operates out of FL and GA. We are having the same issues, we moved last Nov 2014 and are still dealing with loss items/damage issues with no follow up on there behalf, SCAM COULD NOT FIT BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vipul

    Too bad to hear this about people that are victim of this moving company. Our stuff is in transit currently from NJ to Phoenix AZ by this same moving company: “Moving Forward Van Lines”.

    These reviews are concerning to me.

    Did any one reported to police when they found items missing / jewelry missing ?


  • Janice Barker

    We paid $ 690.58 deposit. Two trucks came so dispatch sent one away. The main driver that stayed wanted to bump price up and was very disrespectful. Argued with us and was loading items before finishing the inventory list. Had an issue in dealing with a woman. Told us we had more items than we listed. Example…2 twin beds he listed as 8 items. 2 mattresses, 2 headboards, 2 footboards, 2 sets rails. How does this make sense? So if the order said you have 42 items and they break it down like that you end up with more so when delivered you have to pay more to get the rest of your stuff. Sounds like a scam to me. We told them to unload our stuff they already loaded and vet out of our place. May have been the best move we made. But we are still out $690.58.
    There should be a way to stop thieves like these. I think it is time for a probe into their business.

  • THIS COMPANY IS NOT AUTHORIZED TO OPERATE. Do not sign up for this company/broker. RUN AWAY. You will never see your stuff again, OR they will ransom your stuff for thousands more dollars. Your stuff will be damaged. It will be late. Stuff will be missing. Or it will disappear. We brokered with them the end of May 2019 and have not had contact in over 2 weeks, and still have not received our items. DO NOT do business with any people or business by the following names:

    Dylan T. Gross
    Dylan Thomas Gross
    Dylan Thomas
    Dylan Gross
    Patrick Capozolli
    Michael Tru/True
    Moving Forward America
    Moving Forward Relocation
    Moving Forward Florida
    Liberty Bell Moving Group
    LB Moving Group

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