June 10th, 2015

Moving Company Truck v Low Bridge (video)

When a 12 feet six inches tall moving truck traveling at speed attempts to drive under a 10 feet six inch railroad bridge you know something bad will happen.

East Street Railroad Bridge, Westwood MA has had so many accidents that a few years ago Westwood Police set up video surveillance of the bridge, including a live feed to dispatch in order to gauge the required response to any crashes. Westwood Police released a video (a clip from the video is below) showing an incident last weekend in which a Whitehouse Moving & Storage Company truck attempted to defy the laws of physics and squeeze under the bridge.

The roof of the truck was sheared off and there was damage to the truck’s contents . Fortunately no one was injured but the truck driver was cited for failure to obey traffic control signs.

We have reported similar incidents before and this one too may be the result of an inattentive driver relying on a GPS navigation system.

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