June 25th, 2014

Moving Company Steals $15,000 Motorcycle

J&J Moving of Brampton OntarioJ & J Moving of Brampton, Ontario were paid $675 to move a $15,000 2010 Harley Davidson FLH Police model from Ontario to Alberta. David Strapp paid the bill in full in Spring but has yet to see his motorcycle.
Nexzen Transport of Brampton OntarioJ & J Moving subcontracted the job to Nexzen Transport also of Bramtpon, Ontario who in turn subcontracted the job to STI Transport of Delta, B.C.
STI Transport of Delta BCSTI picked up the motorcycle and are holding it hostage in its B.C. warehouse claiming that J & J Moving owes it more than $10,000 for previous unrelated shipments.
David filed a complaint with the RCMP but they told him there was nothing they could do because as far as they were concerned it was a civil case. This can’t be true can it? Surely taking someone else’s personal belongings with no intention of returning them is called theft?

Global News in Toronto has tried to resolve the issue (video below) but they don’t seem to have got very far.

Customer service is a not a common commodity in the moving industry and obviously can’t be found in J & J Moving, Nexzen Transport or STI Transport. Avoid using these three companies where apparently the consumer comes last, well after their own disputes.

6 comments to Moving Company Steals $15,000 Motorcycle

  • Dave Strapp

    STI…Where the “customer is our first priority”. This was the first time in my life and the last I will use a trucking outfit I don’t know personally. These thieves will be dealt with. Dave Strapp

  • Shail Shah

    My name is Shail and i am facing a same situation. I had given my household goods to J&J from toronto on June 24th and they promised to deliver to me in Edmonton on July 2nd. Till Today i haven’t received my goods or niether i am aware of approximate delivery date. They charged me in full $1125.00 plus taxes and i paid them full in advance.
    Ispite of calling chris and john several times, i havent received any update on my delivery. My all stuff is with those guys and i am leaving currently with my friend . I dont know what should i do to get my stuff back at the earliest

  • Wendy

    Give Sean O’Shea at Global News in Toronto a call. He is the presenter in the video above and on Twitter @ConsumerSOS.

  • Stan

    This could all be resolved if J&J Transport paid the
    $12,000 that they have owed STI Transport for 2 years now.
    For all the work they gave STI,they got paid. Just pay STI like you should , keep your profit ( as you should) and all is well.I have been in this business for 33 years and all the new people today are all crooks and thieves.
    It is a shame what it has become. GHow can you sleep at night J & J

  • David

    I’ve dealt with STI and Nexzen in the past to move our freight. Not sure the whole story or who is responsible but from my own experience they are all crooks. They double broker your loads and keep freight hostage and they demand more money after making up fake situations. They will tell you they already tried to deliver multiple times and try and charge extra money for misspicks. My buddy is a broker and he said his potential customers before they move anything for them not to use STI or Nexzen. They have been blacklisted by multiple shippers all across Ontario and BC. The unfortunate thing is they will steal your money close down a company and re-open a new company under a different name to rebuilt their reputation so they can continue to scam people. DO NOT EVER USE THEM

  • owen

    under federal bill of lading act the carrier can only hold freight for the amount owing on that shipment
    call the department of transport and and involve them

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