June 13th, 2015

Moving Company Shipment ‘Lost’

Atlantic Express MovingHeather Lucas did not realize that Atlantic Express Moving of Northridge, CA was a broker when she signed a contract for them to move her belongings from Decatur, GA to Bemidji, MN. If she had she might not have lost all her possessions including furniture, clothing, artwork and personal items such as her daughters toys and gifts from her late grandfather.

You Box ItAtlantic Express Moving sold the job on to You Box It of Norcross, GA who after a year of lies and broken promises have finally admitted that they do not know where Heather’s belongings are and have told her to file an insurance claim. Although we have no way of knowing what happened to the shipment the most likely explanation is that it was put in storage with a company that was never paid and who subsequently auctioned the contents.

This is one of the perils of using a moving company broker, you just don’t know which rogue company is going to be doing the actual move. Both Atlantic Express Moving and You Box It both have the lowest possible rating at the Better Business Bureau.

Heather’s mistake is understandable, the word “broker” does not appear once on the Atlantic Express Moving website. Like other brokers they also use ambiguous phrases, for example “We take the same care in handling your move….” and “Our storage locations are secured and insured….” implying that they are movers not brokers.

Our advice is always the same and we can’t say it often enough – never use a moving broker. Instead use our guide Finding A Moving Company In Easy Steps to help you choose a good moving company.

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