November 9th, 2013

Moving Company Reviews Of The Week 11/9/2013

LD Moving & Storage logoMoving from Michigan to Colorado with LD Moving & Storage of California was a “horrible experience” according to one customer writing on RipoffReport last week. Regular readers will know that this is a common expression after moving home but this particular move had an interesting twist. Apart from all the usual complaints of lack of communication and increasing the estimate on arrival the customer also says that the “…company gave us fake/false weight tickets to try to scam us out of money”. LD Moving & Storage were only caught because the observant consumer noted that the date on the weight ticket was two days prior to the pick up! Please read those weight tickets carefully.

Public Movers logoPublic Movers of Pembroke Park, Florida are up to something quite bizarre. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) say they have received 13 complaints so far this year about the company, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) have received 6 complaints and the company shows up in review sites with low ratings. So it hardly surprising that they are spamming Google with videos. What they have done is post the same video on YouTube 145 times (and increasing) but with different titles (partial screenshot). The titles are generally in the format Moving Company 32209 | 1-800-961-7720 | Jacksonville Moving Company, Moving Company 32807 | 1-800-961-7720 | Orlando Moving Company, Moving Company 33176 | 1-800-961-7720 | Miami Moving Company etc. This is done in the mistaken belief that somehow putting the name of every major city in the country in the video titles will bring in business via a Google search. Not only is the idea pathetic but so is the 17 second long video.

We have said it before, GPS can lead moving company drivers to take unsuitable routes. The Westport Fire Department responded this week to a Penske moving truck stuck under the Saugatuck Avenue railroad bridge in Westport Connecticut. Fire-fighters had to cut a portion off the top of the truck to disentangle it from the bridge structure but fortunately there was not too much damage to the truck contents. Yet another reason to make sure that when you move your possessions are fully insured.

Moving truck stuck under a bridge

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