December 12th, 2014

Moving Company Owners Get 18 Months Deferred

Gentle Hands MovingEarlier this year we reported the owners of Mafia Movers of Boulder, CO (aka Gentle Hands) were the subject of serious allegations by the Adams County District Attorney. According to the D.A. Ben Aberle and Don Lundahl tried to influence a public official and forged a document related to a move the company did for a customer, Stephanie Renter.

Stephanie hired Mafia Movers to pack up her spa business from her strip mall in Adams County and after trucking her tanning beds and equipment the movers demanded $2,600 or three times the quoted price. She refused to pay and it would now appear that all her goods have now been sold by the criminals Aberle and Lundahl.

Last Friday the pair reached a deal with Adams County prosecutors. They both pleaded guilty to attempting to influence a public official and all other charges have been dropped. Both Aberle and Lundahl received an 18 month deferred sentence and if they stay out of trouble during that time the felony will be dropped from their criminal record.

This outcome does nothing to help Stephanie and does nothing to protect the public from this scam moving company, which is allowed to continue operating.

Aside: Scam moving companies will often use stock or stolen images on their websites and Gentle Hands Moving is no exception (image below).

The image on the left is a partial screenshot from a New Zealand website blog post dated September 2012 and shows a local business unpacking a move. The image on the right is from the current Gentle Hands Moving site with the same but copied image titled “Our Movers Unpacking a Home” and dated August 2014.

Stolen images on Gentle Hands Moving company website.

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