July 23rd, 2015

Moving Company News Of The Week 07/22/2015

Pick of the moving company news during the previous week.

JK Moving truck hits bridgeYet another moving company truck was stuck under a bridge this week. The JK Moving truck was traveling southbound on the Rock Creek Parkway in DC when it collided with the K Street/Whitehurst Freeway overpass. In previous posts we have suggested that these regular bridge collisions are partly caused by inadequate GPS systems.

There are special GPS devices made for motor-carriers that will tell drivers where they are restricted from driving, either by weight or by height. Moving company drivers should request these devices as a matter of course from their employer, simply on safety grounds.

JK Moving training facility used for dog trainingIn spite of the accident JK Moving of Sterling, VA are a reputable moving company. They probably have one of the best training programs of any moving company in the country.

This week they announced that their training house (where crews are professionally trained and tested on moving best practices) had been used for dog training! The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) which is part of the U.S. Department of Justice chose the two story training house because it allows the dogs to practice searching for explosives on stairs and in smaller rooms and because it is scrupulously clean.

Moving company truck fireAn anonymous driver for North American Van Lines managed to save a customers personal possessions from certain loss when his tractor trailer caught fire on the highway near Shrewsbury, MA.

The quick thinking driver was able to detach the trailer and drive the tractor far enough away to avoid the trailer catching fire. There were no injuries to firefighters or the driver.

Sometimes of course moving company drivers do not have the opportunity to avoid loosing a family’s possesions in a truck fire.

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