October 21st, 2013

Moving Company Fake Reviews

Fake reviews, opinion spamming, bogus reviews, whatever you call them they exist in large numbers on every website that has reviews. There is a whole industry devoted to posting fake reviews and you don’t need to search Google too hard to find these services. Here are some quotes from websites found very easily on eBay or with a Google search:

“Fake product reviews $0.01/word”

“Positive Amazon review immediately”

“All of our reviews are submitted from legitimate Google accounts and different IPs so it is totally safe”

“Hire a product review writer to write and submit your product reviews to product review sites and travel or service industry sites”

“We will write a review from different legitimate Yelp accounts, for your Yelp local listing”

According to a study by Cornell University humans are not good at detecting fake reviews. Some companies like Google and Yelp use software algorithms for detection (review filters) and by all accounts they manage to detect 90% of fake reviews, but that still leaves 10%.

Progressive Relocation FloridaIn a complaint by Natalie Morreale on Ripoff Report last week concerning Progressive Relocation, Pembroke Pines, Florida she says “I am fully convinced they have people fill out reviews to make them look good”. If you look at Progressive Relocation reviews on MoverReviews.com you can see that she is probably correct in her assumption and you don’t need a computer program. Almost all of the 155 reviews are 5 star and there are a few zero stars with nothing in between. It is obvious by reading the 5 star reviews that the vast majority of them are almost certainly fake.

MoverReviews.com would appear not to have a robust fake review detection system and for this reason we suggest that you do not use the website when you are researching moving companies for your move.

As far as Progressive Relocation is concerned they are not a moving company at all but a broker operating from a residential address. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has 13 complaints listed this year so far and Better Business Bureau 20 complaints. If you are still thinking of using them then read this years Ripoff Reports.

3 comments to Moving Company Fake Reviews

  • Natalie Morreale

    This is 100% true! To add to this- I went to MoverReviews.com to share my negative, to say the least, experience and they took it down. I did not violate one of their “posting rules,” yet it was taken down less than 24 hours after posting. I emailed them asking why it was taken down and they responded with trouble shooting instructions, including the list of rules. I emailed them and said “I ‘authenticated’ my review and I did not violate any of your rules, why can’t I post my experience?” I have not heard back. Furthermore I look and see Progressive Relocation is one of their sponsors. Coincidence? I think not. Here is the review I tried posting: (Natalie’s review has been replaced by this link to the her review on Ripoff Report which is identical – Editor)

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