June 21st, 2013

Moving Brokers

Regular readers will know that we strongly recommend that you never use a moving broker and keep off their websites when doing your research. The main reasons for this advice is that moving brokers do not have professional movers, moving trucks or proper moving equipment and more often than not, no practical moving experience. Moving brokers are essentially sales teams that book your move and sell it on to an actual moving company for a fat commission. When your move is sold on to the highest bidder the moving brokers do not take any responsibility for anything that happens afterwards or the actual move.

There is however another reason and that is that moving brokers do not invest in the resources to vet moving companies, although most will say that they do. Here is an example. We created a fictitious move and entered the data for free moving quotes into two of the most prominent moving brokers website’s, Moving.com and 123Movers. The move was constructed to be around the Mandeville, Louisiana area and both sites included local moving company Mr. Move in their suggestions. (Screenshots below).

Broker Moving.com does not red flag Mr. Move

Broker 123movers does not red flag Mr. Move

What they obviously don’t know and probably don’t care about is that the owner and staff have recently been arrested and charged with extortion.

Why Mr. Move should be red flagged

They are from left to right Dunwoodie McDuffie (Owner Mr. Move), Amanda Brown Neil (Secretary Mr. Move) and William F. Jeffrey (Truck Driver). This of course is the kind of information that consumers need to know but that moving brokers don’t supply.

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