July 7th, 2014

Moving APT On Investigators Radar For Years

Arizona Department of Weights and Measures Senior Investigator J.J.Stroh says American Professional Transportation (Moving APT) have been on his radar for years. Alissa McVey moved from Cincinnati to Phoenix, Arizona recently, using Moving APT brokers who sold her move on in the normal way (see Moving Company Takes 3+ Months To Deliver and Moving APT Broker Scam). The moving company held her goods hostage until she paid an extra $1,000. After many telephone calls she was advised to agree to pay by Stroh who then met with the delivery truck when it arrived at Alissa’s storage unit. The end result was that Alissa ended up paying $90 rather than the $1,000.

J.J.Stroh says that in hostage situations like this he gives the moving company driver three choices.

  1. Deliver the client’s possessions at the price agreed.
  2. Go with him to the certified truck scale and have the truck weighed. After the truck is unloaded return and weigh the truck again. The difference between the two measurements is the weight of the items that were moved and a calculation is made according the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations.
  3. Or the moving company driver can drive off without unloading. In this case the truck is impounded and the driver is arrested for theft.

APT Scam

Our advice is always to avoid Moving Brokers and deal directly with a moving company you have researched thoroughly using our guide.

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