March 16th, 2016

Moving APT Fake Reviews

On their website, Moving APT claim to be “a long distance moving company” when in fact they have no current for-hire operating authority with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). In reality they are a broker with a terrible reputation, as regular readers will know. See:

Recently Moving APT have been trying to salvage their reputation by posting fake reviews all over the web, including this website. Here are two reviews that they tried to post in our comments section:

Author: Jack fish (IP:
Have never used a moving company before and finally decided I didn’t want to deal with all the hassle myself. All American made my moving experience painless from start to finish with no surprises. They were on time and professional, all with a competitive price. Nothing was damaged and everything was handled with care. I would hire them to move my house again without a question.

Author: Mike Nalson (IP:
I recently moved from Weston Fl to CA everybody told me that moving was going to be stressful and do my homework on the company that I am going to choose even other moving companies I was speaking to were telling me my move was going to be tough. I moved from a third floor apartment with no elevator to a town home that you have to first walk up the stairs to get to my living room then another flight of stairs to the bedrooms. Different companies were quoting me different prices I was getting outrageous quotes some companies were telling me they wanted to charge for stairs each flight!! When I was finally contacted by an All American agent they explained the details of the job the hours it would take a provided me with a binding quote. They promised me that if my quote came in under they would adjust my bill and they did so. I had no hidden fees nor did I have any damages. The men were very polite and very professional everything was cared for the way it should have been. I am honestly surprised how smooth everything went. If you are looking for a good company this is the company to go with.

The two comments were posted from the same IP address using the same fake email address. It is no surprise that these two fake review attempts are as incompetent as their dealings with their clients.

1 comment to Moving APT Fake Reviews

  • I paid a deposit of $2300 in 2015 toward a move that never happened. On the day of the move, which was 2 years ago, the movers didn’t show up, so I called and found out that their moving truck had broken down. They didn’t have an ETA, so I told them that I wanted to cancel and get a refund. The refused, because as a part of their policy, they don’t issue refunds for any reason, but they said that I could apply my deposit to a future move. So at about a year and a half later, I contacted them about using my deposit. They said that I would have to pay $495 to reactivate my deposit and I did. My husband and I just sold our home and we have to move, so I called them to get my move processed for next week. They said it was fine and sent me the completing booking information and then called me 5 minutes later and told me that they would be unable to move me because my move is local, and they don’t do local moves. I had no idea that they didn’t do local moves; no one ever told me that. So Lily, the Customer Service Manager told me that there was nothing they could do for me. That they can’t refund me my $2300 that I paid, nor can they move me. Obviously, this isn’t morally right, whether they have some fine line in their contract or not. I trusted them with over a couple thousands of dollars and they haven’t earned it, but they refused to pay it back. I went online and found a lot of complaints about this company and I want to do something about it. I either want my money back, or I want them to move me. We were counting on using what I’d paid, for us to move into our new home. We are scheduled to be out in a week or so, and now we have no one to move us and no extra money to pay for a move that I’d already paid to have service for. I want to sue them so that they never do this to anyone else ever again. They shouldn’t be in the service business if they just take people’s money and don’t provide a service. We just sold our home and was counting on Moving APT to move us. We hadn’t made any other plans with anyone else and we don’t have the funds to pay someone else.

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