April 14th, 2014

Moving APT Broker Scam

Moving APT broker scamWe are constantly reminding consumers never to use moving brokers. Moving brokers are sales teams that book your move and sell the job on to a third rate moving company. After selling your move they will deny any responsibility for problems caused by the company performing your move. A review posted this last weekend is a good example. The reviewer says “Although we purchased insurance and we filed a claim with Moving APT they are claiming that they are only a broker and cannot help us. They sold our job to a moving company that is no longer in business and I later found out that the movers they sold our job to were never licensed”.

If you are not convinced here is the result of what happened to that particular reviewer:

After loading up and leaving, the moving company called to say they are charging an additional $4,500 for extra capacity and extra packing supplies. Even though no items had been added to the original list and the original quote was for full packing.

The moving company refused to deliver until payment was made in cash.

After several weeks when the belongings were delivered, the boxes were wet and 15 boxes were missing as were many items of furniture. When the delivered boxes were unpacked clothes had been ruined by mildew, rat urine and droppings.

The reviewer estimates that they have lost or had ruined $50,000 worth of belongings.

Moving APT is a classic broker scam and has been mentioned here before, moving company takes 3+ months to deliver. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has recorded numerous complaints about Moving APT in the last few years and the Better Business Bureau has given them the lowest possible rating having recorded 36 complaints in the last year.

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  • […] brokers who sold her move on in the normal way (see Moving Company Takes 3+ Months To Deliver and Moving APT Broker Scam). The moving company held her goods hostage until she paid an extra $1,000. After many telephone […]

  • DanyG

    If I had only known then what I know now. Moving APT got me for everything I own! They contracted my move out to Unique Vanlines, whom had their DOT# INVOLUNTARILY REVOKED along with their Insurance by the FMSCA while they were in possession of my property. After weeks of waiting, I finally received my property completely damaged, crushed, broken and missing/stolen. Moving APT washed their hands of me the minute they received my deposit, leaving me to deal with the scum they contracted to move me. Needless to say I wound up with NOTHING! I lost EVERYTHING!
    Moving APT did; however, offer me $200 to sign a waiver and agree not to write a bad review regarding my experience. Needless to say, I declined. After losing everything, what good is $200 to me? Definitely not enough to keep me quiet!

    Google MovingAPT on g+ and YouTube to see my story.

    Take it from me, and everyone else that has been ripped off, Stay Away from Moving Apt!

  • Sofia

    I should’ve read all of the horrible reviews before I let this company steal my money.

    The estimate price doubled the original price that I was given, we rolled with it. The truck company wanted to break the lease by coming a day early and my stuff was not ready so I chose to change the pick up date. Then more “hidden fees” came along with handling a large box and having to go up a flight of stairs. Now, Danielle called to change the contract by moving the dates for pick up back, again we rolled with it. I checked the moving estimate and I realized there was another hidden fee. I called to see what the hidden fee was about and she blew me off and asked me to just sign the contract. My last straw with this company was when they said they wouldn’t pick up my stuff because I was asking for 30 day storage.

    This company has been the worst company I have ever dealt with. They lie! I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy. Now, it’s making my military move as horrible as possible. I am currently on the road headed to my destination and my stuff is still back on base not knowing how I will get my stuff back.

    My original down payment was $606 and it went up to $825. Which now they won’t give my money back. And I will be making a police complaint about this.

  • Michael Frazier Sr

    I’m glad I read Sofia’s statement before my mom plan her move from St. Louis back to her home in Alabama. My mom’s realtor recommended this company which I hadn’t heard before. She was given the name of Thomas (786) 317-8357. Thomas called and gave a charge of $2200.00 to come in pack and move plus give her 33 days storage space for free. This sound too good to be true. I will be contacting her and advised her not to take him. Get a U-Haul and family will come and bring her home. Thank BBB.org and Sofia. I hope you’ve gotten your belongings. Check your former JAG Office from your last post and that State’s Attorney General can probably help.

  • Scott Hannah

    Moving APT gave us a very low quote to begin with and as soon as they had our (of course non-refundable) deposit, they began jacking up the price. First they told me the boxes would not be moved (in spite of the email record telling me they would be). Then they changed the price again to get the movers to actually show up. By the time we were done I was paying almost triple what they had originally quoted me.

    The carriers consistently tried to get us to pay more than the agreed upon sum. They lied three times about the number of items we were trying to move, and even tried to change the number again when the items arrived (2 weeks after we moved in). Fortunately I had all of the documentation to prove to them how much we were actually moving. After everything was moved in, we found that they had soaked our mattress which was not only an expensive item to replace, but one of the more expensive items to move. They also delivered a box that did not belong to us. They refused to even consider any compensation. When I contacted them. They were rude and hung up on me several times. Finally they told me to just throw the box away if it wasn’t ours! We kept very careful track of our items and if they delivered someone else’s items to us then they delivered our property to someone else. I can only assume that they told those people to throw our things away as well.

    I will never use a carrier to move again. I will take time off of work and move myself. I only used a carrier because I thought it would be less difficult, but now I know that it will, in fact, be more difficult, cost more money, and we will lose our property.

    I gave these carriers 2 stars because they did move some of our items carefully and it was nice to not have to move things up and down the stairs. Also, when faced with irrefutable contractually binding evidence, they did agree to follow the terms I had signed.

    I will never use Moving APT again and I strongly encourage anyone who is considering using them to avoid this company at all costs. There is no price tag that is worth this hassle.

  • Karrleta Williams

    I wish I had read the comments listed above before I was beguiled by the charming rep’s voice! When I first called he said “It’s only 633 miles. We have trucks going up there all the time.” As if I could get a reasonable pick up and delivery. “We have a truck unloading in your area” he said, it would be there dropping off the day before I needed pick up. He said the truck would come right to my house and pick up, no problem. I cannot say how horrible this company is! They didn’t tell me what I needed to know up front about the moving process/how they worked. I had to hear from other companies that there were extra charges for mirror boxes, tv boxes, that I needed a waterproof mattress cover…not to mention their insensitivity about the need for the delivery date of my furniture to begin a new job in a new city. They even misspelled the street name after I emailed the correct spelling and then called. They wanted me to sign contract after contract. They take your money and you are stuck. DO NOT USE THEM!!! YOU’LL BE SORRY!!!

  • Randy Thomas

    I used Moving APT in April 2015. My sales rep was Brian. He quoted me apex $3600 for my move. I did not have much to move. it was in a storage unit. They gave the move to a company in CA, which then, held my furniture hostage, and doubled my rate. They held it for a month, told me they placed it in another storage unit and was going to keep it until I paid cash. They were supposed to take a credit card, but then would not. Brian from MOVING APT was not helpful at all. All they wanted was their initial payment, as that’s their cut from the move. I have pictures when the truck finally rolled up. It didn’t even half way fill 24 foot straight truck! Moving APT is a scam. I actually spoke with someone else who used them as well. They scammed them as well. DO NOT USE MOVING APT.

  • I recently moved from Weston Fl to CA everybody told me that moving was going to be stressful and do my homework on the company that I am going to choose even other moving companies I was speaking to were telling me my move was going to be tough. I moved from a third floor apartment with no elevator to a town home that you have to first walk up the stairs to get to my living room then another flight of stairs to the bedrooms. Different companies were quoting me different prices I was getting outrageous quotes some companies were telling me they wanted to charge for stairs each flight!! When I was finally contacted by an All American agent they explained the details of the job the hours it would take a provided me with a binding quote. They promised me that if my quote came in under they would adjust my bill and they did so. I had no hidden fees nor did I have any damages. The men were very polite and very professional everything was cared for the way it should have been. I am honestly surprised how smooth everything went. If you are looking for a good company this is the company to go with.

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