October 12th, 2015

Moving APT + Americawide Moving = Misery

Amber Carlton moved from Aurora, CO to Fargo, ND using Moving APT brokers who subsequently contracted her move to Americawide Movers. Her belongings were picked up on August the 18th and Amber is still waiting for delivery.

Moving APTRegular readers will not be surprised as APT Moving has a history of contracting out moves to rogue moving companies e.g. Moving Company Takes 3+ Months To Deliver and Moving APT Broker Scam. The Better Business Bureau has recorded 86 complaints in the last 3 years against Moving APT but for some peculiar reason is still showing a “C” rating rather than “F” rating.

Americawide Moving LCCWith no response from Americawide Movers Amber asked a friend to visit their office in Aurora at the address listed on their website. The friend reported that the office was abandoned, at which point Amber became really concerned.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) shows Americawide Movers with 15 complaints so far this year. These include 7 complaints where the owners possessions have been held hostage and 4 for loss or damage.

Amber has notified Aurora Police Department who say they are aware of similar reports filed against Americawide Moving.

We can’t say it too often – never use a moving broker and research your intended moving company thoroughly.

Update: Amber Carlton finally got her belongings back from Americawide Movers on 19th October. Was anything missing or broken? Perhaps Amber will let us know when she has had a chance to unpack….

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