May 22nd, 2014

Mafia Movers

Mafia Movers and Gentle Hands Mafia Movers of Boulder, CO also trading as as Gentle Hands have some history with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. In the last two years six complaints have been investigated by the state agency. Also in 2012 the owners Ben Aberle and Do Lundhaul failed to get their required registration with the agency, failed to register with the Colorado Secretary of State and were given a warning for not having the proper insurance earlier this year.

Now the owners are facing more serious allegations by the Adams County District Attorney. The D.A. claims Aberle and Lundhaul tried to influence a public official and forged a document related to a move the company did last September. They failed to indicate a final price in the total amount due section of a client’s contract. The client alleges the movers demanded three times the quoted price and according to the Public Utilities Commission it was only after the client’s move and after the state agency began its investigation that the owners wrote in a final price.

Check all the relevant boxes are completed in your contract!

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