July 20th, 2013

LRS Moving and Storage

Karen Conner and her husband were moving last week from Oregon to Arizona with Lancaster Relocation Services, Beavercreek, Oregon (aka L.R.S. Moving). Unfortunately Karen and her husband did not check with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to see if the company was registered, which it isn’t. Neither did they check with Better Business Bureau (BBB) who rate L.R.S. Moving as an F grade (the lowest possible).

The image below shows some of what they discovered when they arrived in Arizona, damaged furniture including some items damaged beyond repair. After initially promising to repair the furniture L.R.S. Moving stopped returning the Conner’s calls and emails. After reporting the company to the authorities the Conner’s claim that they have been threatened and have been forced to change their phone numbers and email address.

Under Federal law interstate movers must offer two different liability options referred to as valuation coverage, ‘Full Value Protection’ and ‘Released Value’. Full Value Protection means that the mover is liable for the replacement value of lost or damaged goods in your entire shipment. Released Value means the mover assumes a minimal liability for no more than 60 cents per pound per article. Of course if you are being moved by unscrupulous fraudsters it doesn’t really matter, just be prepared to kiss your belongings goodbye.

Furniture damaged in a move conducted by LRS Moving and Storage

2 comments to LRS Moving and Storage

  • Tim Martel

    Allied Van Lines packed my son’s household belongings on June 24th at Ann Arbor Michigan and loaded them into their truck. It is August 7th and only about 1/2 of the shipment has been delivered. Allied is being very difficult to work with. Where can we go to lower the boom on them?

    Tim Martel

  • Wendy

    Which Allied Van Lines was it?

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