July 5th, 2013

King Moving & Storage Denver

Jaime Kingery signed a contract with King Moving & Storage Denver, CO to pack up her belongings, temporarily store them and then move them to her new house. It was a nightmare of a move as you will see from the 9News video below.

Problems include:

  • Furniture was delivered six weeks late
  • Broken and smashed items
  • 45 – 50 boxes still missing
  • Unidentifiable boxes belonging to other families delivered

King Moving & Storage is not accredited to the BBB but there is a complaint history, three this year alone:

  • 06/17/2013 Failure to respond to phone calls or written requests for assistance or support.
  • 05/21/2013 Never completed Move. Crew stole and damaged items. Police report and Insurance claim filed.
  • 02/22/2013 Failure to honor service estimate or agreement.

Regular readers will know these kinds of complaints are a red flag but here is another. Anybody can invent an award and put it on their website. How about ‘Colorado Mover Of The Year’ or ‘Golden Seal Mover Of The Year’? Both these fictitious awards appear on every page of the King Moving & Storage website, together with a meaningless ‘100% Satisfaction Guaranteed’ badge (image below).

Fictitious awards on the moving company's website

7 comments to King Moving & Storage Denver

  • Sheldon Chrysler

    I’m a senior citizen, and have been a victim of MULTIPLE CRIMES. The latest is, “King Moving and Storage”. My opinion of these, “Thugs”, are they’re nothing more than, “Crooks desguised as a moving company”.

    I’d called upon them to pick-up my belongings, as I lost my house of 54-years. I lost my house primarily because of crooks similar to those at, “King Moving and Storage Company”.

    They’d come to my former residence, picked up my belongings, and when I went to retrieve my belongings, all I got from on of their agents in particular, (Robert Bruno) was one lie after another. I wanted to come and retrieve my belongings, and Mr. Bruno told me his dock manager only pulls vaults on certain days. I’d mentioned to Mr. Bruno, to call me, when his dock manager was able to get to my vault. These lies and cock and bull story went on for several months.

    Finally, on June 17, 2013, I’d called Denver Police Department, to report “King Moving and Storage Company” and file an official complaint.

    Additionally, I’d filed a complaint with the, Colorado Attorney General’s Office. They in turn, filed my complaint with the, Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

    I also intend, to file a complaint with the, United States Attorney’s Office here. The crime that those thugs at, “King Moving and Storage Company” committed against me, and perhaps other’s as myself, is called, “Elder Fraud”.

    This is a federal crime!

    I want to see these, “Trash of the earth” at, “King Moving and Storage Company”, be accountable, responsible, and prosecuted and convicted of their crimes and ill-deeds onto others.

    Sheldon Chrysler

  • jaime kingery

    I feel for Sheldon and anyone else who has had dealings with this company. They use several different names, the latest being GoKing Movers. Our story is the one above from channel 9 news. It is now September 16, and these people have not resolved any of the issues with our move. They have told us it is not there problem…..
    We still have all the broken furniture, we are still missing furniture, approx 50 boxes which included all our dishes, silverware, pans, family photos, antique family heirlooms, and the list goes on and on.
    We still have in our possession things that do not belong to us that we have told them about numerous times. Is this possibly the same thing that has happened to our possessions.
    After the above aired on channel 9 they told the reporter they were going to deliver the rest of our stuff that day, they showed up at 7p.m.with a truck with a bunch of stuff in it and tried to tell us it was the rest of our possessions. Hmmmmm, out of everything on that truck 6 items were ours, the rest……..someone else’s.
    Anyone looking to use this company needs to do research first, they have numerous names they operate under or have operated under. Look at the BBB, the PUC, and every place else you can find. All I can say is consumer beware!!!

  • bs company

    Jason price is the owner they also dont pay their movers they steal peoples things. Horrible company but nobody does anything about it.

  • Viktor B.

    King Moving and Storage Inc. is not the same company as Go King Mover and it does not appear that it ever has been. King Moving and Storage Inc. is owned by another entity TL Holley Enterprises .
    Not sure what these people are talking about. I used Go King Mover to move my 5 bedroom house last week. They did a great job. I did my research and got bids from 4 companies. I also checked the reviews online for Go King Mover and others and Go King Mover had the best reviews as compared to all the other moving companies that I compared them to.
    Seems like these reviews above were written by competitors or disgruntled employees.
    Jason Price does not own Go King Mover and he never has. Just check the Colorado Secretary of State for Go King Mover. Because I did and the only owner for this company is Henry Aragon no others.
    Go King Mover has no record of fines at the PUC. As I called them and I checked that also.
    Now King Moving and Storage Inc. is a different story, they have been fined multiple times.
    But once again they are a different company with different owners.
    Make sure and do your own research!
    I normally would not take the time to write a review this long but I think that its really unfair when a good company gets a bum wrap.
    My advice hire this company. You won’t be sorry.

  • […] the association (image below). Making false claims of membership of professional organizations and displaying fictitious awards are common ploys of moving company […]

  • This guy Henry Aragon is a real scammer. Talked to one of the employees that ran the office. First he owns a magazine company that the Colorado Attorney General shut down and fined him a ton of money. They basically ran him out of Colorado. But that didn’t stop him he opened the same company doing the same thing in Dallas Texas. Basically selling people over priced magazines and running up their credit cards. Really shady business.
    Then he opens up this moving company with a real lowlife named Jason Price. And Jason Price WAS one of the owners he owns a company called Special Ops Moving with one of his felon buddies named Edward Williams. Don’t use them either you will get screwed. Special Ops Moving operates in Colorado. Jason Price ran to California to open up the same company there. He fled Colorado because he was being investigated by the Attorney General and the Feds.

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