June 11th, 2013

Keep Your Jewelry With You When You Move

Hazel McGlasson used the moving company Metro-Wide Movers, once in October 2012 when they moved her belongings into storage and then again in April 2013 when they moved everything from storage into her new home. Hazel believes at least one of the movers stole some jewelry worth thousands of dollars and has filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and police. Below is a video from 41 Action News, KSHB with the complete story. Towards the end of the video Hazel offers some advice “Secure the boxes. Secure the boxes with tape”. Apologies to Hazel but this advice is WRONG. Jewelry and other irreplaceable items should be well insured and moved by you and never entrusted to a moving company.

1 comment to Keep Your Jewelry With You When You Move

  • I totally agree with the idea of never allowing a moving company to move your Jewelry etc… We have over 700 storage units at our San Clemente Self Storage facility. Even though we have great security systems including security cameras, alarms, and electronic gates, common sense needs to take over on what you place into a storage unit. If you are going to store highly valuable items such as jewelry don’t put them in a box with tape etc… buy yourself a SAFE and secure it against a wall or the similar… and buy the best lock you can get for your storage unit (Disk Lock).

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