December 29th, 2014

Jeffrey Johnson

Jeffrey JohnsonLast May we reported that Washington state regulators had fined seven residential moving companies for operating without permits, one of them being Jeff’s Express Movers. Jeffrey Johnson (image left) the owner of Seattle based company Jeff’s Express Movers failed to appear in court and was fined $5,000 by default. Johnson has never paid the fine and continues to operate without a permit even though State law requires one if any company seeks to provide residential moving services.

The seeming inability of Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC) to use the law effectively and protect consumers has been very bad news for Patrick Fuller. Last September Patrick moved from Seattle to Scotland to be with his new fiancĂ©e and the last he saw of all his personal possessions was when he helped Jeffrey Johnson load them onto Johnson’s van.

Patrick had hired an International moving company who indirectly contracted Jeffrey Johnson to take Patrick’s belongings to the shipper. The goods never showed up at the shipper’s and are now believed to have been sold. Patrick says that Jeffrey Johnson has stolen all his belongings including all his mementos and sentimental items.

Why are WUTC investigators unable to stop this kind of thing happening?

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