October 15th, 2013

Irreplaceable? Then Keep It With You!

Jesse and Taylor Schachter and their two children recently moved from San Jose, CA to Alexandria, VA with Trusted Van Lines but the family’s belongings never arrived. The movers loaded the truck and then parked it overnight at Trusted Van Lines offices in San Jose. They dropped the keys in an overnight drop slot but when the company opened for business the next day, the truck and the keys were gone. Trusted Van Lines say that nobody broke into their office and they have no idea how the keys went missing. The truck was later recovered by police about 13 miles away, almost empty and with all the expensive items missing, approximately $60,000 dollars worth. The Schachter’s say that the most important stolen items were the scrapbooks Taylor made for her 5 year old daughter and their 10 month old son. It is a very sad loss but a reminder that you should always keep those very personal and precious items with you at all times when you move.

Inside of an empty moving truck

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