October 23rd, 2014

Idiotic Fake Reviews

I was reading a recent Yelp review for YBT Vanlines, Brooklyn NY in which the reviewer said “Like all scammers they also go by a second name, Matrix Movers”. This is true, in fact moving company scammers will often have many more than two! YBT Vanlines and Matrix Movers are indeed related, they have the same U.S. DOT # 1847032 and MC # 668982. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website says that YBT Vanlines are doing business as Matrix Movers and that U.S. DOT# 1847032 has “no current for-hire operating authority with FMCSA”. The FMCSA give the telephone number as (917) 633-4767 which happens to be the same number as newyorklocalmovers.com and it doesn’t take long to find other related companies such as movingtruck.com, mover-new-york.com, Classic Moving Services, and semidrivingjobs.com. The Better Business Bureau website says that “There is an ALERT on YBT Vanlines” and lists a non-existent website ybtvanlines.com and an undeliverable physical address for the company.

Keeping all this in mind would you expect to see 484 consecutive 5 star reviews over 103 days on MoverReviews.com for Matrix Movers? If you were aware of the prevalence of fake reviews then it would probably not surprise you. However you would not expect to see all the reviewers names in the same format, firstname-initial-lastname! You can see 100 consecutive reviewers names listed in the image below.

List or reviewers names all in the same format

How stupid is that! But that is not all, whoever was paid to create the fake reviews has tended to do them in batches of 5 as you can see from the chart below.

Frequency of fake reviews for Matrix Movers

We know that fake reviews are endemic in the moving industry and we have talked about them before (Moving Company Fake Reviews) but this is one of the most idiotic attempts to fool consumers that I have seen.

4 comments to Idiotic Fake Reviews

  • Celeste howard

    Matrix movers took my deposit and never returned any if my 14 calls for questions and concerns.

    They also go by classic movers which has an alert out on BBB.

    False advertising.
    Fraudulent company. Avoid!
    Presently I am in dispute and filed a claim to retrieve my $880 deposit.

    Found Matrix through an online broker.

    • Jesse Macon

      My mom and I just gave a deposit of $780 plus a 70% charge of $1218 for an overall total of $2370 to Matrix Movers and we are supposed to give them $398 when they deliver our order. The man, who I could barely understand because of his foreign accent, loaded all of our items way passed our limit even after my mom told him multiple times to let her know when we got to our cubic space limit, and instead he went way passed the limit to about a $5000 charge. It’s now 1:40 am and they just finished. We had to get them to take off our items until they met the original limit. They took off every piece of furniture we had, snowboards and skis that didn’t even take up room. So we paid them to move boxes pretty much. My mom and I are furious and I just don’t know what action we need to take now because our stuff probably won’t even show up to our new house.

  • […] company review site showed the typical pattern (chart below) demonstrated in previous posts e.g. Idiotic Fake Reviews. A typical moving company with 10+ vans would be doing well if it received an average of 2 reviews […]

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