October 3rd, 2013

I Agree Not To Complain!

Nikiya and Alberto moved from Texas to Seattle, WA with First Call Movers of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Regular readers will know that First Call Movers feature quite often here for their illicit activities, for example these three posts First Call Movers, First Call Movers (Again!) and The Opposite Of Customer Service.

The got a binding estimate for $1369.35 but ended up paying $2,250.00 and they were told that their furniture would arrive in approximately a week. When it didn’t arrive they tried contacting the company but were unable to reach anyone, just 30 minutes of hold music or a voice mailbox that was full.

They thought the company had stolen their furniture so they sent a legal demand letter for the immediate delivery of their furniture and a full refund. Two days later, 40 days after it was collected their furniture arrived.

The driver told them that they had to sign a release form (image below) before the furniture could be unloaded. The release form not only waived all their rights but they had to agree “…not to disparage, malign or defame in any manner whatsoever the releasee, including but not limited to complaints filed online or with entities such as the Better Business Bureau”.

Naturally Nikiya and Alberto refused to sign and are now taking legal action.

I waive all my rights - release form

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