November 22nd, 2013

Home Street Movers Attempt To Hoodwink The Public

What’s the connection between one of the largest call centers in Poland and Home Street Movers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? A Ripoff report today claims that Home Street Movers arrived 3 days late, delivered 11 days late and wanted an additional $2,900 before unloading. In other words just the normal kind of scam you see every day from rogue moving companies.

In a previous post in April we said that you should not believe anything that appears on a moving company’s website without doing research first. Home Street Movers turn out to be a perfect example. Below is a screenshot of their website’s contact page and you can see under the heading “Our Workplace” a photograph of a large rather nice looking open plan office.

Screenshot of Home Street Movers webpage showing a stolen photo

You guessed it, the photograph is actually the offices of the Polish company KRUK and the screenshot below taken from their website shows the original image.

The original source of the photo

So if Home Street Movers are willing to deceive the public with a phony website is it any surprise that they deceive their clients as well?

Added January 29th, 2014: It would seem that they are only willing to deceive until they are found out, the photo has been removed!

3 comments to Home Street Movers Attempt To Hoodwink The Public

  • Due Dilligence

    Doing only 2 minutes of research on this, you would have made the connection to “First Call Movers” of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I am assuming this would be a much bigger, better, and important alert than the photograph (as it’s pretty common practice now with thrown up websites to steal photos from just about anywhere and everywhere).

    Home Street Movers should be avoided at all costs, as they are just another name change operation of First Call Movers, Home Team Movers, and a legacy of ****** moving companies that came before these brokers. Home Street Movers is just an offshoot of First Call Movers. They aren’t even making any kind of clever attempt to hide it. Same phone number, same address, just a DBA for a shady company.

    • jim bran

      i wish i had found this notice before i contracted with homestreet. my experience: mr nice guy paul provided initial quote and guidance for my shipment. his quote was lower than large moving co’s like united etc. so i proceeded with homestreet with contract. i never was able to get to talk to paul after that. only the office assistant, who had no ability to help. so on moving day, the actual movers movingcrosscountryinc, showed up 7 hours late and demanded an extra 30% increase in the price or threatened to leave. this is after i had removed the largest item from our small shipment of approx 15 items, a queen bed and springs, from the list. by the way, movingxrosscountry inc are bunch of thuggish individuals i.e. when my wife called their dispatch to complain that the movers hadnt arrived at the specified time the supervisoor told her” hey lady this is the shipping business. if you dont like it thats too bad…, i refused to pay more and requested that the driver have his supervisor call me. he called his supervisor 3 times, and came back every time saying hiis boss said i had to pay or they woud leave. i tried to reach paul at homemovers but no one there was available to help. so…i said again that i would not pay one dime more than the original quote, and if they didnt like it they could leave, which they did, keep in mind that i had reduced the total weight/square footage of my shipment by at least 25% by removing the bed from the shipped items. homestreet and movingcrosscountryinc are ripoff artists. i’m suing homestreet in broward county small claims court for my $450 down payment which they refused to return. i’m also filing complaints with the DOT inspector general and with FLA division of consumer affairs. i’m worried though because on the FLA consumer affairs division website you can do a bbusiness lookup, and when you imput homestreets license number MB85 it shows two telling things- 1. they had 36 official complaints against them in 2013, and 2. the website says they are not in business anymore. they are very much in business and ripped me off a month ago. stay away from both these bums organizations.

  • S*****

    I had booked Home Street Movers for my recent move. The sales person (Name is Marion) talked really well initially and had mailed me the quote and other details. He had given me his desk/direct number for future contacts/coordination. Once I paid the advance amount of around 500$ he didn’t bother to call me later or pick the call. I dropped my message number of times for follow up calls to figure out my pick up date and other details but didn’t get any response later. I had tough time to do all preparation with respect to my move. Basically whole of my move was outsourced another company and no one bothered to inform or coordinate with me. Truck came to my house with 1 hour notice on a random day!!! (I had given pick up day of 20th – 25th) My request to others is that don’t fall for the sales person’s talk. Once the advance is paid they will not be bothered about your move. 🙁

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