April 28th, 2014

GSSK International Moving Bankrupt

GSSK ScamIt would seem that serial failed moving company owner Guiseppe (Tony) Bugge has done it again with GSSK International Moving. Having presided over the demise of Student Pro Movers, Real Canadian Movers, Guiseppe’s Moving Company, International Moves and probably a few others, GSSK is no longer trading and claims to have gone bankrupt.

The failure of GSSK has left a number of consumers in desperate trouble, like Debbie Coulombe for example. Already out $12,000 she had to fly back from Playa Coronado, Panama and rent a U-Haul to pick up her belongings, or what was left of them. All the big ticket items were missing, wide screen TVs, fully equipped roller toolbox, golf clubs and carts etc.

Krista Weber paid to have her possessions shipped from Calgary to Germany only to discover 9 months later that her belongings were sitting in a Vancouver warehouse accruing storage charges.

So far GSSK consumers in Saudi Arabia, Germany, Australia, Brazil, UK, India, Norway, Canary Islands and Ireland are reporting lost or missing shipments. The RCMP is investigating but unless they can prove intent to defraud there will be no criminal charges and Guiseppe Bugge will be free to start a new moving company scam. When he does we will post the information here.

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