August 14th, 2014

Global Relocation Inc Lost It!

Global Relocation IncRay Pierce used Global Relocation of Allentown, PA to move his possessions from New York to Mattawan, Mich. The moving company transferred his belongings into storage in April and delivered them to his new home in July. Unfortunately they did not deliver all of them.

Global Relocation charged Ray $4,800 for the move but when he unpacked the boxes he discovered a quarter or an estimated $5,000 worth of the items were missing. Bad enough but Ray’s wife passed away a year ago and what upsets him most is the loss of pictures and mementos of their time together.

He has tried contacting Global Relocation but according to Ray they are giving him the run around and in his words just don’t care. They have told him that they don’t know where his stuff is and that it could have been given to someone else. They said they would send him a claim form but they haven’t, and anyway what value can Ray place on photos of him and his deceased wife?

Regrettably Ray used a notoriously disreputable moving company. Operating with various websites (such as,, and Global Relocation has an F rating (the lowest possible) with the Better Business Bureau and multiple complaints on consumer review websites such as Yelp and Ripoff report. Typical complaints include damaged or missing items and no response to phone calls or emails.

Even the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has trouble contacting Global Relocation. The FMCSA say on their website that the company “….is currently under an Out-of-Service order and shall not operate”. The reason given is “Refusal of Audit/No Contact”.

Remember as we have said in the past – always transport irreplaceable family mementos personally.

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