October 6th, 2014

Garbage Truck Or Moving Van?

Swift Movers Van Lines IncSwift Movers Van Lines of Brooklyn, NY showed up “Not with a moving van but with the equivalent of a garbage truck covered in graffiti”. So says Ms. J who was moving from Jersey to Florida after booking her move with broker Colonial Van Lines of Florida. Looking at the images below I can see what she means.

Colonial Van Lines IncMs. J was offered a binding estimate by brokers Colonial Van Lines and paid a deposit of $937 with an additional $988 payable on delivery. She was packed with the identical inventory she had given Colonial Van Lines and was ready to move when Swift Movers Van Lines turned up in their grubby van.

Ms J. is a vulnerable senior widow and felt intimidated by the movers who loaded and then bullied her into signing forms. Four hours after they had left she was called by the owner of Swift Movers Van Lines who demanded a bank certified check for over $3,000 when the delivery was made, or they would keep her belongings in storage and charge her even more.

When her belongings did arrive many of her antiques had been lost or stolen and her one item of furniture had been trashed. In addition her file cabinet had been broken into and was missing important documents.

Colonial Van Lines refuse to speak with her and Swift Movers Van Lines are responding with untimed weigh station receipts and unfulfilled promises to reimburse a token $600.

This is a very good example of why you should never use a moving broker, you will never know what or who is going to turn up. It could even be a garbage truck covered in graffiti with aggressive movers willing to scam senior citizens.

Graffiti covered moving van

Another view of the graffiti covered moving van

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