October 19th, 2015

Full Service Van Lines Shakedown

Full Service Van LinesFull Service Van Lines in South Florida has been shut down by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) following an investigation that found fifteen violations of federal safety regulations.

These included failing to implement a random drug or alcohol testing program, requiring or permitting drivers to work longer than the law allows and using a driver before drug test results were received.

Full Service Van Lines came to the attention of the DOT because inspectors have this year received more complaints from consumers about the company than any other of comparable size. Consumers had been encouraged to use the company after reading hundreds of five star reviews on moving company review sites. Unfortunately these reviews are fake.

Analysis of 722 reviews of Full Service Van Lines on one well known moving company review site showed the typical pattern (chart below) demonstrated in previous posts e.g. Idiotic Fake Reviews. A typical moving company with 10+ vans would be doing well if it received an average of 2 reviews per week. Full Service Van Lines procured an average of 12 five star reviews a week with 4 vans.

Chart showing number of reviews per day

A couple of review sites are getting better at spotting fake reviews and will show a banner alerting consumers to unusual activity. The two images below popped up for Full Service Van Lines on Yelp and MyMovingReviews recently.

Consumer warning

Consumer alert

Full Service Van Lines president Maxx Socher is the brother of Joshua Socher who was banned a year ago from engaging in the intrastate moving service business. With the complaints mounting up it can’t be long before Maxx follows in his brother’s footsteps.

Below is a clip from an NBC6 news item on the shutting down of Full Service Van Lines where Maxx Socher is interviewed by Tony Pipitone.

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  • James warren

    Hi my name is ████████████. I worked for this company. I was punched in the face by one of the owners of the company. They owe me $750 wages and are they are the most dishonest company I ever worked for. They collect cash on contracts and make the money disappear along with the contract, they fix their books. They lie to their customers about the cubes of furniture, if you have any questions contact me ████████████.

    ██████ Redacted by Admin

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